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Gary Glover

Gary moved into community in 2006 and became actively involved with a small group of community leaders in early 2007.

Married for 22yrs with 2 teenaged children. Actively involved in church leadership. Boy Scouts of America, Aldine ISD, Spring ISD, HC Sheriff Office, and community meetings and creating a better relationship between the residents and the property management KB Homes.

I care deeply about all matters that impact our community. I care deeply about he concerns of my fellow residents.

Jerria West-Plattenburg

Hello my name is Jerria L. West-Plattenburg , I'm running for a position on the Remington Ranch Community Association Board.  I have been a resident in the community for over 8 years.  I feel I would be a good candidate due to the fact that I have serviced on the Fallbrook Civic Club committee, I have been volunteering for the Childrens Festival for the pass 12 years as a Coordinator, I'm a Precint Judge, I retired from AT&T with 31 years of service, while working there I was Co-chair for the blood drive, I volunteered for the March of Dimes walk, Pioneer member and a faithful Union member for over 20 years.  I believe I can serve the community well because of my experience in community service.  I will help in keeping our neighborhood clean and safe.  My primary goal is to get our neighbors more involved with keeping our neighborhood clean and safe.

Rafael Rosales

Rafael is an active officer at Holland Lodge #4.

He is also an active member of two charity non-profit organizations.

I believe I can serve the community well because he is passionate about our community . I understand the views and needs of the neighbors as I am part of the community.

My goals for the community during my tenure are to build a strong relationship between the HOA and residents to address their needs in a fast and fair fashion accordingly.

Nikolas Stigers

I currently manage an IT Department. I am also a Technical Researcher and a Technical Writer.

I believe I can serve the community well because I have already volunteer many hours within the community. I worked with the MUD to get a 3rd deputy for the community and wrought iron fences installed across the concrete washout areas between homes. For years I've spent my weekends removing trash from the community, clearing off mailboxes, and removing bandit signs not only in community, but also in the outlying communities as well. I have also proposed several ideas on how we can improve the community.

My goals for the community during my tenure are to make the community a fun and safe place to live. To help improve it so that it becomes a shining example for others.

Dorothy Roches

Dorothy Roaches has been a resident since 3-19-05.  She is presently serving as a Senior Advisor to the Word of Life Community Outreach which serves the Acres Homes and GreensPoint vicinity. Dorothy is also serving on the City of Houston Combined Municipal Campaign. Voice of Wisdom LLC.  Her goals are for community safety and cleanliness.


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